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MegaMall Madness

Ever thought what would it feel like to own a mall , to Open Many shops and hire your own Staffs , Facing Challenges of being the best in the business ? Well MegaMall Madness is a game based on a crazy world of MegaCrazy city. Yeah Crazy customers and VIP celebrities will arrive at your mall , and you and your staff have to satisfy them to keep your Mall at the Top of the Business.

Origionally designed to be best played On Android and Ios Tablets

Aerial Warfare

Our Pilot Zed Was in a Bombing Mission in Eastern China when

he was Called off to engage an even Dangerous Enemy Force.

In his Journey to defend his mother land you will have to 

Upgrade your ride to mount new and effective weapons

or Even buy more Powerful ride to be able to stand in the war.

Have an Old but power F22 Raptor Or even a Mordern B2 Bomber

Use your Support teams and use them wisely to destroy enemy swarms.

Even Nasa is helping your mission. dont fail your motherland.

You will also be autorized to use Various Support Units that will serve a crucial role in winning this war.

Team Contraventions

Game's story takes place in a destroyed world where these groups are trying to win a small battle in an already lost war.
following commanders orders is the only thing left in the lives of these soldiers. Help them accomplish there missions in the world of team contraventions.

-9 playable characters
-3 distinct classes of characters
-multiple mission goals
-Origional Sound tracks (from Carlos Devizia)
-amazing graphics (Angelo Unique)
-Hardcore gameplay

Death Drive

Death Drive is an action based Race Game , you have to destroy Enemy , Drones , Tanks , Robots , Giant Trucks to earn Scores , Which help upgrading your Cars and Weapons and may be you could become the New Champion.

Don't forget to submit score if you become the new champion , your name will be shown as a Current Death Drive Champion to Everyone who plays the game.

Freedom Fraction Mikhael's Journey 

A 2d Side sroller shooter filled with Action and adventure theme .Indluding...

Gameplay Features:

- 20 Exclusive Maps to complete

- 3 Cool Guns to shoot with

- Multiple Dangerous enemies

- Global Ranking Board


Funny And easy game made for relaxing your mind , enjoy good music and cool easy gameplay pop up all the buttons , (yes "buttons" and not "bubbles" or ballons because they were poped up already.

-20 levels

- Mouse playing

-Quick loading

- Made for everyone including small kids.

Block Escape

A Platformer , Fast Loading , Mind Twisting , Mouse based puzzle game you Can't Escape

Gameplay Features:

-20 Mind Twisting Maps to clear

-Interesting Music to Keep you Playing

-Addictive Gameplay

Guns And Golds

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Projected to be An Action Filled Side Scroller Shooter "Guns and Golds" Has completed its initial levels of developements and will be arriving soon. Guns and Golds is based on an Epic story of a Town Sheriff , Who is on his way of taking back his dignity in the west , by capturing the Skull bandits and bringing back the Gold stolen from the town bank. Who knows how much massacre will he have to make to accomplish his goal....

Stay tuned to Know 

Site Trouble

A platformer Adventure game , Use your reflexes to help Engg. Rob Escape his Construction Site

Features :

1. Fash Gameply

2. Simple Controls

3. Nice Musics

4. Hourse of exciting Gameplay

Alien Defender

This game , which is projected to be released by 31st Jan , Is Of Arcade Strategy and Shooter Genre , Inheriting gameplay aspects of most of the alien shooters , Alien defender actually has Two level of gameplays , First with a strategy aspect where you have to engage aliens fleet and second is a top down alien shooter.

The task is to engage enemy aliens fleet withing galaxy range , and stop them from destroying your space station.


1. Multiple races of funny looking Aliens to destroy

2. Multiple destructive powers at your Finger tips

3. Eye catching Cutscenes thanks to Real Art (Main Artist)

Norbert and The Robot

This game is an adventure game of a kid who is helping his friend robot to get to his family.


mouse and keyboard combined gameplay

multiple puzzels

amazing graphics